New data papers: cosmic voids and CLAMATO DR1

Last week we submitted 2 new papers to the arxiv!  The first, led by K.G. Lee, summarizes the first release of CLAMATO data, including a redshift catalog of our sources, 437 reduced Keck spectra, Lyman-alpha forest pixel data, and the Wiener-filtered 3D map.  It also presents our visualizations, including a Youtube-360 version of the tomographic map, which can be used with a Google Cardboard or similar device for an immersive 3D experience.

The second, led by Alex Krolewski, presents the first detection of cosmic voids at z~2.3, the most distant detection of voids yet.  This paper applies the method developed by Casey Stark to the CLAMATO data and presents exploratory void profiles and the void radius function at z~2.3.


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